President Message 2020

As we move into the new Rotary Year, I would like to thank Immediate Past President Sean Yeo for taking care of the club in the year 2019-20. It is my honour and pleasure to the baton from him and, together with him and the past presidents, board of directors and members, we will continue to do the Rotary Club of Garden City proud.

Many have asked me what Rotary is all about as I communicate my new appointment as President 2020-21. I reply that I joined Rotary to serve the public and that members contribute in the form of donation of time, vocation skills or money.

In the coming year, I plan to work with our members to increase membership of the club and to digitize operations.

An increased membership will bring the club more resources and professional expertise for us to do more good as a team. It will allow us to better and more easily service the projects we have planned for the year. Each member’s contributions, no matter how big or small, go a long way in helping us achieve our service project goals and help the less fortunate in society.

I also aim, with the help of members, to raise the visibility of Rotary Club of Garden City online, creating greater awareness of what we do and who we are, not just in Singapore but regionally.The Internet world is a large, relatively untapped platform by the Rotary Club and by taking a first mover advantage here, we should be able to harness this resource for good.

We will look to revitalize our website and social media channels and use these not only to disseminate information but as tools to recruit new members and gather donations. When people search online for ways to give back to society, our goal is to appear on the first page of their search as the logical option for them to approach.

To my fellow club members, I urge you to contribution more this year in terms of your time, resources and expertise and by sharing our work with your social networks. We face a challenging year with the restrictions placed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a result, are limited in how we can service our projects. I look forward to your support, your ideas and your innovations in achieving our goals despite the limitations we currently face. I truly believe that every one of us has an important role to play and that we are stronger together as a team.

Here’s to a successful and meaningful Rotary Year 2020-21.

Yours sincerely

Dougles Chan – Qi Men Dun Jia Master

President – Rotary Club of Garden City 2020-21



当我们迈入新的扶轮年,首先我要感谢卸任社长 杨招文在上个年度照顾我社,我很荣幸和乐意的
接受他的传棒,能够一起和前社长,理事会及全体 社员继续让我社办得更出色。

当我告诉朋友我加入狮城扶轮社,受委为2020-21 年度的扶轮社社长时,很多朋友就问扶轮实际上
是在作些什么事,只能简单的说,我和各社员们奉 獻出時間,专业技能和通過籌集或捐贈資金,參與

来年我和团队们要展开提高会员的人数和实行社 务数位化。提高会员人数可以增加更多的人力资
源和招纳更广的专业技能,让团队能够更好。 我 们年度计划的服务专案更加容易的执行和办得更
好。每位社员不论是付出的大小或多少的都能够 朝着服务与帮助弱势社会人士的目标前进。
在社员们的协助下我也设定了目標,就是要提高 狮城扶轮社在线上的能见度,不只让它在星加

源的优势可以完善办事。 我们将振兴我们的网站和社交媒体,不只应用这些管道发布社务资讯
,也会借这种工具来招募新社员和筹募捐款。 当善心人士上网搜寻捐款回馈社会时,我们的目标

分享我们的工作。今年我们面对“2019 冠状病毒”疫情管制的挑战,限制了我们可以服务社会的

们的共同目标。 我深信我们每一位都是团队的一个重要角色,使我们更加壮大。

让我们一起迈向一个成功和富有意义的扶轮年 2020-21。


Dougles Chan